Super thin and flexible

90µm colorPol® polarizers


Only 90µm thin polarizers, designed specifically for applications operating in the UV-VIS and IR-ranges


This advanced polarizer uses the power of silver nanoparticles in glass to deliver outstanding contrast and unbeatable durability.


What makes this new product family truly unique is its flexibility to accomodate custom shapes, sizes and even patterned structures, thanks to the use of larger manufactured  substrates.

Key Benefits

Clarity Transmittance exceeding 95% (with anti-reflection coating)

Contrast Superior contrast ratio surpassing 10,000:1 (40 dB)

Range Tailor-made for applications using ultraviolet,  visible or infrared

Durability Count on outstanding durability, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction.


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    • Communications,
    • sensors,
    • life sciences,
    • medical devices,
    • imaging and
    • integrated photonics

    Currently available

    colorPol® UV 380 BC4 T1

    colorPol® VIS 500 BC3 T1

    colorPol® VIS 500 BC4 T1

    colorPol® VIS 700 BC3 T1

    colorPol® IR 1310 AC4 T1 HT

    colorPol® IR 1550 AC4 T1 HT