colorPol® UV polarizer

The polarizer used in ultraviolet spectral range

→ Resistant to UV radiation


Wavelength range355 – 420 nm

0.22 resp. 0.27 (± 0.05) mm (non-laminated)

2.0 (± 0.2) mm (laminated)

Temperature range

- 50 to + 400 °C (non-laminated)

- 20 to + 120 °C (laminated)

OptionAntireflection coating to increase transmission and to reduce reflection
DimensionsAccording to specific customer requirements


More spectral ranges, transmission characteristics and contrast ratios are available on request.

AR-coated glass polarizer in chip-tray

Important features of colorPol® polarizers

  • Thin like foil polarizers
  • Handling like glass and silicon wafers
  • Resistant to UV radiation and most chemicals
  • Wide acceptance angle for incident radiation
  • Operating temperature range up to +400°C (laminated: -20°C to +120°C)