colorPol® polarizers

colorPol® polarizers are dichroic glass polarizers, made from a highly durable soda-lime glass containing silver nanoparticles. Like all dichroic polarizers they let the desired  polarized light pass and absorb the unwanted polarization. Different types of polarizers are available to suit a wide field of applications operating at UV wavelength range (340 nm - 420 nm) and VIS, NIR and MIR wavelength range (475 nm - 5.0 μm).

All polarizers can be processed like glass or silicon wafers, while being thin like foil polarizers. UV radiation and most chemicals cause no damage. They have a large acceptance angle of ± 20° and a high accuracy of polarization axis.

Due to the special manufacturing process, colorPol® polarizers can be highly customized to match your application perfectly.

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The colorPol® family

Standard colorPol® polarizer

For UV, VIS, NIR and MIR

  • Transmittance up to 95% (with anti-reflection (AR)-coating)
  • Ultraviolet, visible, near infrared and mid infrared versions available
  • Temperature resistant between -50°C and +400°C
  • Available for most wavelength ranges

Further information about colorPol® UV Polarisatoren , colorPol® VIS Polarisatoren or colorPol® IR Polarisatoren

High transmittance colorPol® HT polarizer


  • Transmittance up to > 96% (with AR-coating)
  • Available for wavelength ranges around 1,310 nm, 1,490 nm and 1,550 nm
  • High contrast ratio
  • Thicknesses of 0.20 mm, 0.27 mm and 0.50 mm

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Patterned colorPol® polarizer

For special requirements

  • Subdivided into segments
  • Several polarization axes or wavelength ranges within one polarizer
  • Opaque or transparent segments possible
  • Unique manufacturing technology

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