General specifications of colorPol® polarizers

colorPol® polarizers are dichroic glass polarizers with high contrast and very good transmittance properties. As standard products colorPol® polarization filters are available in the wavelength ranges UV (355 - 420 nm) as well as VIS and IR (475 - 5,000 nm). In the near infrared range (1200 - 2,500 nm) we recommend the use of our colorPol® HT series with especially high transmittance of up to 98 %.

In the specified wavelength range, minimum values of contrast and transmission are guaranteed. In the designation e.g. C4 stands for contrast >10.000 : 1, i.e. 104. The spectral position of maximum polarization and contrast are adjusted by the selected technological parameters. The wavelength range, contrast and transmission of the polarizer can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

The typical thickness of the polarizers is 0.2 (± 0.05) mm to 0.5 (± 0.05) mm. Larger thicknesses are possible by laminating between carrier glass. CODIXX offers a thickness of 2.0 (± 0.2) mm as standard dimension for laminated parts. Other dimensions and shapes can be provided upon customer request.

Thanks to the unique colorPol® technology, CODIXX is the first manufacturer of structured polarizers worldwide. colorPol® S polarizers have arbitrarily shaped areas with different orientations and wavelength ranges of polarization. Structure dimensions down to 10 µm are possible




Optical parameter

Transmitted wavefront distortion (TWD)
at 633 nm over an inspection area of Ø 10 mm

< 3 λ< λ/4
Beam deviation< 20 arc min.< 1 arc min.
Accuracy of polarization axis to edge 2)< 0.5°
Acceptance angle 3), 4)± 20°
Refractive index at 633 nm (RI) 5)1.525 ± 0.005
Cosmetic parameter

Usual surface quality 6)

in dependence on MIL-O-13830A: S/D 40/20
Mechanical parameter
Clear aperture (CA)7)80% for parts < 2 x 2 mm²
90% for parts < 20 x 20 mm²
95% for parts ≥ 20 x 20 mm²
Edge chips8)0.25 mm
< 0.05 mm on request
Specific weight2.5 ± 0.1 g/cm³
Coefficient of elasticity E70 ± 5 kN/mm² 
Physical parameter
Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)8.1 ± 0.3 x 10-6 K-1 (0-100°C) 
Specific heat1.0 ± 0.1 J/gK 
Thermal conductivity0.94 ± 0.05 W/mK 
Thermal cycle-40°C to +80°C 200 cycles
(DIN EN 60068-2-14 method Na)
Humid storage85°C, 85% rel. humidity, 1,000 h according to
Telcordia GR-1221-CORE
UV-stabilityUV-stability 20 mW/cm² after 60 h irradiation
without any degradation
Chemical resistancecolorPol® polarizers are insensitive to most organic
and cleaning solvents, acids and bases 9)
and distilled water.

1) laminated, ground an polished
2) less tolerance available upon request
3) exceeding this angle may lower contrast and transmittance
4) AR-coating may limit this angle
5) RI for other wavelengths on request
6) other quality grades available on request
7) AR-coated parts can have a circumferential coating edge up to 1mm wide
8) other specifications available on request
9) AR-coating may limit the resistivity