Modernization of the production facilities

CODIXX auf dem Weg in die Industrie 4.0

CODIXX specialized in high quality glass polarizers for the ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrum. colorPol® polarizers are a unique combination of great performance and exceptional durability.

The individual requirements of an application are as diverse as their fields. At CODIXX we aim to find the best solution for each application. colorPol® polarizers are made to match the application, not the other way. Currently there are more than 5,000 different versions of colorPol® polarizers. Each of these polarizers is made on the same production line; the starting point of a complicated production planning.

To speed up delivery time and improve quality, CODIXX is currently enhancing production capacities. Several new machines are already implemented in the production process; others are about to start. Most of equipment is customized or self-developed. Some have restricted networking function making real-time production monitoring and efficient planning difficult.

As the next logical step to a future-proof and efficient production, CODIXX is now introducing a central modern IT infrastructure. All systems will be able to network and communicate with each other. Central access to the systems is guaranteed. A single authority will be able to control and regulate the whole production process from one access point. This is also the basis to introduce a new production planning and control system. The whole production process will be monitored comprehensively to catch malfunctions in time. Countermeasures will be faster and specific to reduce production loss.

An added value will be the intelligent energy management. It will use energy more efficient. The energy consumption during production in total will be reduced. General efficiency is expected to improve by about 15%. This will reduce the ecological footprint of colorPol® polarizers significant.

"This investment will bring us to the next level as a future oriented manufacturer, " says Ralf Werner (Head of Marketing and Sales). "We always aim to give the best customer service possible and this is just the next step."


The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) supports this investment. It aims to improve the development of regions.