Reference polarizer

To identify the axis of polarization of colorPol® polarizers

The polarization tester is suitable for determining the polarization axis of colorPol® polarizers for the ultraviolet, visible and infrared range. The polarization axis of other linear polarizers in the visible range can also be tested.

Instructions for use
If you use this reference filter to test a polarizer other than colorPol® polarizers, you should remove all protective films before use to obtain correct results.

Test the polarization axis of colorPol® polarizers

The reference filter is held in front of the linear polarizer to be tested. By rotating the tester, the overlap of polarizer and tester becomes "dark" or "light".

Intruction: How to use a reference filter to determine the polarization axis
Intruction on using a reference filter to determinde the polarization axis of colorPol® UV polarizers